Open Linked Data

ai4bd and Ontos are specialised in supporting organisations in publishing their data as “Open Linked Data” using the W3C standards. In various projects different heterogeneous data silos have been extracted, transformed, linked and published as SPARQL endpoints.


ai4bd and Ontos are building an unique Worldwide System infrastructure based on semantic technologies enabling a seamless integration between sales, after-sales and dealers. The new intelligent application increases efficiency, productivity and customer loyalty. The new platform enables a business driven and customer-centric omni-channel approach.

Industry 4.0 – IoT Streaming and Predictive Maintenance

ai4bd and Ontos provide an integrated platform to collect streaming sensor data, interlinkĀ and to store it on a scalable graph based store. The collected data is analysed using machine and deep learning in order to identify “root and cause” of event anomaly detections and to enhance the predictive maintenance.


In close cooperation with our partner 4Trees we develop new state of the art solutions for the healthcare industry. For example optimizing purchase order validation based on machine learning and secure material withdrawal at stations connected with real time integration to material management (e.g. SAP).

Financial Services

ai4bd has teamed up with Matchcode and AXXIOME to offer AI Predictive Analytics for the financial service industry. AXXIOME offers over 500 pre-build banking processes that are orchestrated by the Omnichannel Service Framework. ai4bd is extending the offer with AI based solution models such as customer churn, fraud analysis, AI News, recommender for cross-up-selling and tools to build question & answer bots.