AI4BD state of the art in data integration, data analytics and data management is based on semantic technologies and artificial intelligence. We bring meaning to uncertainty, process large volume, connect a variety of data and handle velocity of streaming information.

AI4BD is a subsidiary of the Health Business Platform Switzerland and made an acquisition of Ontos GmbH and the Intellectual Property Rights of Ontos. AI4BD operates today in Switzerland, Germany and Turkey.

AI4BD is involved in research projects, customer projects such as healthcare, automotive and in intelligence solutions for security and law enforcement. We learn from existing large data sets and improve forecast (predictive models), trends, and behaviours. Using our approach enables intelligent applications improving customers decision support and profitability.

AI4BD Partner Network

Our story begins with the people working at Matchcode. We are an international team of sales, marketing and communication experts and share the same dream: to shape the future of digital transformation. Success, innovation and creativity are our driving forces, people engagement our passion. Matchcode was founded in 1999 as a spin-off of SAP in Latin America. In 2006 we opened offices across Europe and Asia. The headquarter is based in Switzerland, one of the most innovative countries in the world. We work hard and passionately to provide the best solutions that help our customers succeed.