AI4BD is a Swiss software company in the AI and Big Data sector. We focus on customer business scenarios and deliver customized solutions using state-of-the-art Big Data, Artificial Intelligence technologies and Business Process Automation. The company name underlines what we do – Artificial Intelligence for Big Data. 

Our key products are Cognitive Business Robotics and the Digital Secretary. Various Digital Coworker use cases have been developed and deployed at customers. E.g. Automatic proposal generation, support ticket classification, sales forecast, predictive inventory management, stock forecast at hospital, email classification and question & answer. 

Our Team consists of a diverse skill-set with experience in Software Development, Big Data, AI, Data Science and IoT across several industries. In 2016 AI4BD made an acquisition of Ontos GmbH and the Intellectual Property Rights of Ontos which was founded in 2001. We operate today in Switzerland and Germany.

AI4BD is involved in research projects, customer projects such as healthcare, law firm, fastening technology, quality assurance, automotive and in intelligence solutions for security and law enforcement. We learn from existing large data sets and improve forecast (predictive models), trends, and behavior. Using our approach enables intelligent applications improving customers decision support and profitability. 

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the i-engineers – life is a digital process

the i-engineers have been dedicated to software development in the solution areas of workflow and process management and enterprise content management (ECM)  since 1989. Providing different economies with format-independent and cross-system data and workflow management systems. The flexibility and scalability of i-engine solutions guarantee maximum adaptability to new framework conditions and requirements. Our two teams of experienced employees in Zürich and Würzburg are always on the driving pulse of the electronic business processes of our customers.