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Cognitive Business Robotics (CBR) Coworkers

CBR Coworkers

CBR Coworkers solve complex business process challenges by applying deterministic and stochastic capabilities. Choose the right CBR Coworker for your business process. Achieve more with less, automate repetitive tasks, increase efficiency, speed up decision making and improve your business impact. 

Cognitive Secretary – Your CBR Coworker for administrative Tasks

Document Processing

Automate e.g. invoice processing by extracting relevant informations from the document and automatically enter the invoice into your ERP system. Or automate labor-intensive support ticketing and accelerate customer service. 

Document Creation

Accelerate e.g. proposal writing with the Cognitive Secretary for automated document creation. The Cognitive Secretary finds the relevant information from the associated documents and systems. 

Other CBR Coworkers

Cognitive Legal Advisor

The Cognitive Legal Advisor can automatically verify compliance with laws and regulations. This, for example, has great benefits for compliance with the GDPR Regulation.

    Cognitive Sales Manager

    The Cognitive Sales Manager helps you to make predictions and reports. In addition he manages new customers and partners.

      Cognitive Data Scientist

      The Cognitive Data Scientist monitors, processes and harmonizes the data in the company. He is linked with the data of all company applications and systems and can also access specific information (external and internal).

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