Industry 4.0 and IoT data are key enablers to increase productivity. ai4bd provides state of the art tools to identify anomaly, data correlation improving predictive maintenance.

ai4bd provides a variety of human to computer interaction using semantics to discover distributed data. The UI is very intuitive and provides a fast access to company information.

Big Data
ai4bd is designed to handle Volume, Variety and Velocity.

Search, Visualise and Analyse
ai4bd provides a variety of dashboards to interact with the data.

Linking and Fusion
ai4bd algorithms links the data applying semantics.

Artificial Intelligence
ai4bd provides Machine & Deep Learning understanding your data.

An analysis why your organization is currently using AI. The MIT Technology Review 2017 shows what pain they try to solve.

  • More data insights and extensive data analysis 50%
  • Competitive advantage 46%
  • Faster data analysis; increased speed to insight 45%
  • Enhanced R&D capabilities (next-gen products) 44%
  • Improved efficiency of internal processes 39%
  • Better understanding of customer/prospects 35%
  • Cost reduction 31%
  • Improved efficiency of external processes (value chain) 26%

A comparison between Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.

ai4bd is available on-premise or as SaaS. All our Machine and Deep Learning models can be called using an API allowing a smooth integration with every customer application.